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What Personal Injury Damages Can You be Compensated For? Personal injury law provides that, if you’ve incurred injury, property damage, or any other form of loss, as the victim you can file claims for compensation by the party you view wholly or partly responsible for those losses. But types of damages can be many depending on the particular type of personal injury case. As the plaintiff, it is therefore essential that you understand that the damages you can include in your claims. Special Compensatory Damages Special damages are the financial expenses incurred because of injury and are compensable. Such damages are unique to a give plaintiff, and typically, they differ significantly from one scenario to the next. In case you’re awarded special damages, these are meant to completely compensate for any costs incurred or money lost following the incident that led to your personal injuries. All expenses suffered because of the injury are covered under special damages, and as such, there’s no restriction on the range of special damages that you can include in your claims or the amount you can ask for compensation following personal injury.
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Lost income: In case your injuries resulted to your inability to work and earn, or admission to the hospital prevented you from working and earning, you can be compensated for lost income.
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Lost future income: Certain injuries are so serious that, when sustained, the victim cannot work and earn as normal for the remainder of their life or a big part of it. This may be the result of permanent or long-term disability, such as loss of arms. Your claims for compensation can list this type of special damage. Medical expenses: All the expenses you suffer because of treatment for your injuries are compensable under special damages. Even after you’ve left the hospital, there are future medical expenses you may incur for some time or for the rest of your life due to the injuries, and these should be included in your special damages claims. Non-quantifiable Claims It may be impossible to give a number to certain damages, but that does not mean these are not compensable. A case in point is pain suffered due to personal injury, and although it is difficult to assign it any financial cost, it still should be included in your compensation claims. The same reasoning also works for psychological pain that’s also tricky to quantify. In case of loss of companionship, compensation is also possible. It takes your personal injury attorney and other experts to help determine how much you can claim for all non-quantifiable damages. Be sure to determine all the losses and damages suffered due to injury, including both special damages and non-quantifiable damages to stand a better chance of receiving fair compensation.