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Neymar father: my son never got kicked, disputed the Court’s normal

Barcelona and Valencia fuse of disputes, neymar is celebrating winning for the fans in the stands blew out foul language. In a Coach Outlet radio interview, old neymar son didn’t make any mistakes, but he said neymar completely blind to the injustice of the Madrid media criticism.

Old neymar referring to the last round of the dispute: “the fans and player disputes very normal, when he was broken, and I’m a little concerned, but no problem. He has a good attitude, he didn’t do anything wrong. In the world of football, no one will be in a friendly approach to opponents on the pitch, that’s normal. “

Neymar has always been non-Barca fans attack? Father to this statement: “he is a public figure, people are always concerned his intravenous drip. My job just so that he can concentrate on playing football. He is only 24 years old, whether it be …