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How to Find the Best Personal Injury Attorney in Los Angeles There are many reasons to hire a personal injury attorney when you have been injured in a car or a work-related accident, particularly if your injuries are serious. An experienced personal injury lawyer knows the specific laws that apply to your accident. It is due to this fact that they may be able to see other avenues for settlement that you don’t. There has never been a more essential time for you to make sure that you are represented by a personal injury attorney. Unless you have an in-depth knowledge of the law concerning these kinds of cases and a vested party fighting for your rights, you may end up walking away with far less than you are actually entitled to. Here are some of the most important things to remember when engaging the services of a personal injury lawyer when you get in a car accident or sustain a work related injury in Los Angeles. Schedule a Consultation
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A personal injury lawyer should give a free initial consultation to talk about your case, usually around 30 to 45 minutes. Make sure you bring the relevant paperwork and documentation with you so you are all set to give a general overview of your situation. Consider the professionalism of the lawyer and his staff as top priority, instead of the quality of the office. In view of the fact that fees pay for everything, a plain office may signify that the attorney is prudent with money and does not waste it on appearances. What is more important is the friendliness and efficiency of the attorney and his staff.
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Confirm His Experience Ask about how many years they have been specializing in personal injury law. It is better to pick someone with at least a few years of experience in this particular area. Specifically ask whether the attorney has experience in working with an accident like yours, or with a previous client who went through similar issues as you did. Keep in mind that the more questions you ask, the more you will get a good understanding the lawyer’s communication approach, personality and extent of knowledge. Lawyers who represent employers and insurance companies may not be able to represent offended parties like you in the same way. Ask if there are conflicts of interest. The lawyer may not be able to successfully take on your case if he or she represents opposing parties. If you are not sure what kind of client the lawyer represents, call his office and inquire. Relationship One of the most overlooked consideration in hiring an attorney is his personality. Although you may not be talking about your case together over dinner each night, when you have been injured seriously, the last thing you want is an attorney who is not going to be there for you to answer your inquiries, offer you a status update on your case or return your calls within a sensible period of time.