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Fall From Grace
  When a threat against American comes to the surface, retired Homeland Security Agent Lincoln Hawks is called in to put the threat down.
After a deep investigation, he finds that the group he’s after has much deeper ties to him than he’d ever imagined! 

Can Lincoln stop The Ghost Crew before they destroy America?  Can he channel the power of his inner emotions to get the job done?

Fall From Grace is available in Paperback, Nook and Kindle formats 

ISBN: 978-0-9835985-7-2 
An Excerpt from Fall From Grace

Judson shook his head. “She was the one that told us we needed to get you back. There were some whispers she couldn’t figure out.”

Lincoln shook his head. “You don’t know what you’re asking.”

Judson glared at him for a moment then shook his head. “I do know, but I have to ask anyway.” Then he paused and looked at his friend again. “I loved her too, you know that. I loved them both too. Michelle was my cousin and Kelly was like my own kid. You aren’t the only one that lost them, that day.”

           Lincoln felt the pain of his words. He couldn’t help it; he allowed the last picture of his wife and daughter to flash in his mind. They were lying in the bed he’d made love to his wife just a few hours before. There were staring at the ceiling, their faces frozen in terror. The bedroom was drenched in their blood and above the bed was the symbol Lincoln learned to hate. It was a triangle with a ghost shape inside it.

Lincoln’s world had crashed that day and he’d been in hibernation ever since. Now someone wanted him to go back and face his past. He didn’t know if he could do that without feeling the loss of his wife and child all over again.

“Man, I’m begging you to return. I’m afraid if you don’t we could have a situation ten times worse than 9/11 on our hands. All the signs are there, we just can’t connect the dots. This is going to be huge and its coming sooner than anyone realizes.”

Lincoln stared at his old partner for a moment. He knew he didn’t have a choice as much as he hated to admit it. “I’ll come back temporarily.  But please don’t tell anyone I’m in D. C. I don’t know if I can take a family reunion right now.”

Judson nodded. “You can stay with me while you’re there.”

Lincoln started to get up then looked at him and asked, “Does Susan still blame me?”

Susan was Judson’s mother’s twin sister. When Michelle and Kelly died there were harsh things said. The wound had been too fresh for anyone to make sense out of their deaths. Susan just looked at Lincoln and wrongly blamed him stating his work in the government had brought the tragedy to their family.

“Susan knows she was wrong when she blamed you in the first place but you didn’t stick around long enough for her to apologize. She’s always felt bad about that,” Judson explained.

“I couldn’t stay. There were just too many memories,” Lincoln explained. “I had to get away from everything.”

Judson nodded. “I know, but there comes a time, when you just have to let it go. Let go of the pain and the rage inside you. The rage is eating you up and one day it will consume you. You have to be stronger than that.”

“I don’t know if I’m ready for that or not,” Lincoln admitted. “Sometimes the rage I feel is the only thing I feel and it gives me comfort. That feeling scares me worse than the rage does.”

“You may not be ready yet to give it up but someday you will be. When the rage is gone you’ll be ready for the next step.”


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