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Fess Up, Jessup!
   J.J. Jessup, who’d been banished from the public school system for incidences of improper behavior, received a fresh start teaching at a private school for young adults.

However, could a leopard change his spots? Could Jessup keep his hands off his new unsuspecting students?

His boss, Joe, who knew about Jessup’s concealed past, warned him not to get involved with a bubbly, attractive 21-year-old student named Hye Yeong. Why was Joe so protective of that particular student? And why did Larry, who also worked in the school and was already in his 40’s, carry a picture of her secretly?

Other than Jessup’s past, what other secrets were there at Westside International?

Jessup was determined to find out how Hye Yeong was connected to both men, and to be with her…

Fess Up, Jessup also contains the short-stories: Catching Eva and Mission at the J.

Review Carnival - "Fess Up Jessup, is for those of you who enjoy thrillers"..."Catching Eva is the...most interesting story in the book...  it manages to catch the reader by surprise the reader at the end." 4 out of 5
An Excerpt from Fess Up, Jessup!

I entered the school building via the back entrance, mainly because I didn’t want to have to deal with Joe. 

“Good morning, Jessup,” Larry greeted me from his desk as I walked in. Of course, I’d forgotten Larry’s area was by the back entrance.

“Larry,” I said. “How goes it?”

“Joe wants to know how the curriculum is going,” he replied abruptly, adjusting his glasses against his nose. “Anything new?”

Well, I might have escaped Joe’s wrath, but not his disciple’s.

“Well, I’ll need a couple more afternoons at the library,” I answered, not sure what he wanted to hear.

“Not today,” he again snapped in a negative tone. “You’re going to House & Wings Pub this afternoon.”

“Oh?” I said, caught off guard by the sudden change in plans.

“Good morning,” two students walked in the back entrance and greeted both of us. Larry reciprocated and I nodded, as they went past us.

Another student walked in and bowed when he saw Larry, and greeted the activities coordinator in Korean. Larry said something back in Korean too, and the student then walked away.

I studied Larry. He seemed a pretty bright guy, Korean but completely fluent in English. He seemed sharp enough to be able to run his own company, or even be a computer programmer or something. I wondered what he was doing working in a school like this.

He removed his glasses and wiped the lenses with a black cloth. “Well,” he continued our conversation. “You’re going to House & Wings to promote our campus, and see if they can host our next school party later this month.”

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