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Towering Pines
Volume One: Room 509

by Bruce A. Sarte
Bump in the Night
2010 Horror Anthology
 Bump in the Night
2011 Horror Anthology
Zombie Showdown
by Sean Sweeney
Best Friends Forever
by Bruce A Sarte
by John Fitch V
(Sean Sweeney)
The Show Must Go On
by Bruce A Sarte

Liam Rider is the basketball star every boy in high school wants to be.  But when he is sent to military school, everything changes.  Just when he thinks things can't get any worse... he starts having those dreams...

Together with his new friend, Lisbeth, he has to battle the ghosts of a long past crime against students at the historic military school.  Can he and Lisbeth put the clues together in time to save him?

Paperback - $13.00
Kindle - $2.99
Nook - $2.99

The Bone Chilling first installment of this annual horror anthology includes six stories from five authors.

Paperback - $10.00
Kindle - $0.99
Nook - $2.99

The upcoming second installment of BCPs annual horror anthology promises five stories that will keep you on the edge of your seat, with the blanket pulled over your head.. and the lights on!

October 15, 2011!

For a group of sophomores at Gardner High School, it turned out to be a class trip gone awry.

A zombie attack while the kids are on a ghost tour forces Christian to save a group of his friends.  The events of the next day, though, lead to Chris and Rachel’s admission – they are the long lost descendants of a legendary gunman who once called Tombstone home. Their mother had forbidden them from saying a word about their genealogy in order to protect them.

Paperback - $15.00
Kindle - $2.99
Nook - $2.99

Where is Samantha?  That's what Cassie wants to know... but when a strange boy approaches Cassie after the football game her entire world gets torn apart.  She finds her self tied up, naked and blindfolded... and still has no idea what happened to Samantha... 
Can she find her best friend? 
Can she get out alive?

Part of the Bump in the Night 2010 Horror Anthology.

Kindle - $0.99
Nook - $0.99

The fate of Peter Savile, a supporter of the England football (soccer) team, is in the hands of Mbubu Tshabalala, a South African shaman. Mbubu hatred of America -- and a little magic -- turns Peter into an unknowing accomplice.

Part of the Bump in the Night 2010 Horror Anthology.

Kindle - $0.99
Nook - $0.99
The stage at The Walnut in Philadelphia has seen some truly gifted performers over the years.  Lionel Barrymore... Fred Astaire.... Lynne Redgrave... Unfortunately, Scarlett Saiche isn't one of them. 

And Frank Lucas knows it.

What he doesn't know is that this production of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night is meant to be the last production ever at The Walnut.  But when Richard Walden Winchester shows up out of nowhere he is determined to make sure the performance of Viola is the best the theater has ever seen and he will stop at nothing to make that happen... even bring back his long, dead wife to play the part.

October 10, 2011!
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