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The Star of Christmas


For God so loved the world that he sent his only begotten son... but how did He choose the star to announce the birth of the Savior?

Through this moving story of humility and service to something bigger than ones self a holiday tradition is born!

This fully illustrated story of God's servant is sure to become a staple in your holidays for years to come!

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An Excerpt from The Star of Christmas

There was a great silence in the throne room.  For a time it seemed as though everyone was considering Anna’s words.  

After a long pause, Astra, one of the wisest of the stars, came forward and lifted his face to the Lord.

“Lord, I am not worthy of such a great honor. Please select another.”

With that Astra bowed and left the throne room.

To Anna’s astonishment one by one, each star came forward and said the same words until only she, the smallest star in the galaxy remained in the room with God.    

“Lord, I don’t understand. Why did they all leave?” asked Anna.

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