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Zombie Showdown

For a group of sophomores at Gardner High School, it turned out to be a class trip gone awry.

For 15-year-old twins Christian and Rachel Sanderski, it was the opportunity to tell the truth.

A zombie attack while the kids are on a ghost tour forces Christian to save a group of his friends.  The events of the next day, though, lead to Chris and Rachel’s admission – they are the long lost descendants of a legendary gunman who once called Tombstone home. Their mother had forbidden them from saying a word about their genealogy in order to protect them.

With the admission, a weight has lifted from their shoulders and, with the help of their friends, Christian and Rachel battle the zombies in a late night brawl. But when the kids are told of the coming of The Three dead cowboys their ancestor had sent to Boot Hill Cemetery, they steel themselves for the fact that they may never return home.

Action and adventure, friends lost and friends found. And love, too…


ISBN: 9780983598527


What they are saying about ZOMBIE SHOWDOWN

"Sean Sweeney is a master of injecting the unexpected into history, bringing it to life. An intense zombie shootout at the OK Corral." ~~ Imogen Rose, Author of The Portal Chronicles.

"There's only one town I can think of that's perfect for a zombie-infested six-gun shootout...and it's Tombstone. Sean Sweeney's rip-roaring adventure will have you yearnin' for the Old West and for quick-drawing zombies at the same time! If you love tales of the undead, you have to pick this one up!" -- J. Kent Holloway, author of PRIMAL THIRST and SIRENS' SONG.

An Excerpt from Zombie Showdown
She turned to McGuirk, who sat beside her. “What could that be, you reckon?” “How the heck should I know? You’re the ghost
expert.” “You’re a teacher; you’re supposed to be smart.” “I’m not from around here; this is supposed to be your
area of expertise.” Chris, sitting behind the two adults, heard the
conversation and looked between them. While they argued, the shadows slowly turned the corner onto Safford.
He gasped.
He truly could not believe what he saw: It was like an old George Romero movie, right before his eyes. Some had pale, hanging flesh, while others had dark gray flesh with parts missing in their chests or their heads. It was a small group of them, dressed in their finest, but Chris had absolutely no doubt in his mind what — who? —  they were.
Knowing where they were in Tombstone proper, Chris also knew where they came from.
“No way, it can’t be,” he said under his breath.
Chris turned to Rachel, Nick and Mackenzie. There was a look of slight panic on his face.
“There are zombies loose in the city, and they came from Boot Hill. We need to get everyone out of here while these two boneheads bicker.”
“Even Roberts?” Nick piped in. Chris grimaced. “Yeah, even Roberts. But I may trip him as we run away."
“No, Chris! Don’t be mean like that!” Rachel said, whining. “He didn’t mean it, and anyway, I took care of it. You don’t have to fight my battles for me any longer.”
Chris looked at her and took a deep breath, then looked over his left shoulder. The zombies edged closer.
“Okay, fine. I won’t trip him... hard. Let’s get moving,” he said as he jumped off the trolley, grabbing Rachel’s hand to help her off; she threw her make-up bag over her right shoulder. Nick followed, helping Mackenzie off. “The more we sit here arguing about this, the closer the zombies will get.”
He yelled to the others who had no idea what was going on up ahead.
“Hey! There are zombies coming this way! We need to get out of here!”
His statement, much to his dismay, did not have the desired affect he thought it would have on his friends. He thought the ones sitting behind Rachel and Mackenzie would believe him, at the very least.
It was just that McGuirk and the tour guide’s bodies blocked their view, and the students did not take the initiative to stand up and look over their heads.
“Yeah right, Sanderski,” one of the boys said from behind. “You expect us to believe that crap?”
“They’re probably a part of the ghost tour,” a girl who sat next to Chrissy Welch said. “You know, the whole ‘the dead still walk the streets of Tombstone’ and all that. Probably makes the tour more life-like.”
Chris couldn’t believe his ears. Were his classmates that moronic?
“No,” Rachel said, “there are real zombies coming. Look!” She pointed toward Sumner Street. Some of them looked, craning their heads to see. Some didn’t.
Those that looked immediately shrieked when they saw the approaching zombies, and a few of them hopped out of the trolley and ran for it —    
  those were four of the girls, and they just happened to be on the track team. Two boys just whispered, “Cool!” before they hopped off. Two other girls followed the boys, since they fawned over them since sixth grade.
Most, though, stayed defiantly in their seats, thinking the zombies were all a part of the ghost tour.
Chris looked to Chrissy Welch, who stayed in her seat. “Are you coming with us?” he asked.

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