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Are you tired of being lied to? Do you think our politicians and business leaders are simply looking down their collective noses at the pathetic condition of “We the people” because we are just so lacking their collective superior intellect?
Do you feel these titans of intellect are the problem and not the solution? If so, give this little book with big ideas, a read and see what you as an individual feel.
Nonsense is a creative, enlightening, and inspirational book for the common man.
The quoted scriptures from the bible come into play breaking down similarities between Biblical times and now.
From time to time we all need to look at the big picture, what is really going on in this world, stop thinking about what you are told and see things for what they really are. This book helps to open your mind and really look at what is going on around us and to learn from the mistakes of the past.
For it is us, as individuals, that can make the change to make a more suitable future in which we all must live. If we as a nation can not pull ourselves together then we as a nation will fall.

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Excerpt from NonSense

  The hardest part of any journey is taking that first step, for we take that step into an uncertain future, but we must take that step.  If we stand still, we will surely be run over by life itself.  Many of us desire to stay put, and become very comfortable with our surroundings, something inside of us all eventually urges us to move.  I have recently experienced that urge to move, and must give proper course to that urge.

    Sometimes we move forward, sometimes we move backward, and sometimes we move side to side, as stuck in some kind of an invisible rut; but something happens, and we become dissatisfied with our present position and we can no longer just sit there and let life pass us by.  When we get knocked down and it hurts, it seems to increase that desire to move all the more.  We simply pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and get on with it. We cannot fear taking that first step, for life is a series of journeys, and no matter how many times we get knocked down a new journey awaits.

   The United States of America, for the last two hundred and thirty four years, has been that place where a person could try and fail until that person could make a success of themselves.  This country has been the place where ideas, no matter how silly they seemed, could become a reality.  Who'd have thought a doll named Barbie would have such an impact on this world.  Do you see what I'm saying?  I feel, however, that this freedom we've been enjoying is under a relentless attack.  It's being attacked by uncontrolled spending, uncontrolled debt, and what I feel are just downright deceitful people who seem to care so little about this country; and seem to care more about their own pockets, and the power they can obtain through, what appears to be, any means possible.  That is why I take this first step, and this journey.  Something inside me has stirred, and I cannot be silent any longer.

     I see these freedoms we enjoy being stripped away with each new administration, all in the name of saving the planet, or our security, or our financial well being, all the while the people responsible for placing these burdens of debt, and onerous regulation blame everything else in the world for these problems, but the true cause, themselves.  Yes, the very people charged with protecting this great nation’s freedom are the ones I feel are stealing it away.

    Lies and just out and out deceitfulness have always been a part of the political process, but I feel this present generation has taken skullduggery to a whole new level.  They enact new spending programs that do little if anything to improve our economic situation. They have things called derivatives and credit default swaps, and all kinds of terms I do not understand that enrich only the thieves that initiate such programs.  All the while, the long arm of the government creeps ever more burdensome into our lives.

    It’s time to say enough is enough, enough of the Fannie and Freddie scandals, enough of the Enron scandals, and enough of the lies.


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