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Best Friends Forever
  Where is Samantha?  That's what Cassie wants to know... but when a strange boy approaches Cassie after the football game her entire world gets torn apart.  She finds her self tied up, naked and blindfolded... and still has no idea what happened to Samantha...  Can she find her best friend?  Can she get out alive? 

Best Friends Forever is also part of the Bump in the Night Anthology.

An Excerpt

Cassie’s eyes weren’t even open and she already knew she wasn’t in Kansas anymore.  She was in deep crap; she knew it and had no idea what to do about it.  Her hands were bound behind her back and she was lying on a dirty wood floor.  She could feel the blindfold wrapped tightly around her head.   She was cold and her body ached all over.  It took her a minute to realize that part of the reason she was cold was that the cheerleading uniform had been removed.  She didn’t like this at all.  Not that the least of her problems would be that she didn’t wear any underwear, no bra and no panties.   Cassie was horrified as the realization set in that she was completely naked on a dirty wood floor; blindfolded, bound and gagged.   She felt weak, insignificant and very alone.  The urge to cry and give up was overwhelming, but right now she didn’t even know how to do that.  Just when everything seemed at its lowest point, a sweet voice came from what seemed like far away.

“Cass? Is that you?”

It was Samantha!

“Cass? “

“Sammie, it’s me!” She practically cried in relief.  She wasn’t alone!

“Oh, Cass thank God!” Sam sounded so happy, and strangely very normal.  “They said you were going to come for me, but I thought they were lying… playing with my head.  But here you are… you finally made it!” 

Cassie heard Samantha moving, she sounded close but not within touching distance.   “Samantha, where are we?”  But Samantha didn’t respond.  Cassie could still hear Samantha moving but Samantha wasn’t talking.   


Then in a quiet voice, Samantha responded, “You… you don’t know? How did you get here?  How could you be here and not know?”  There was a small edge in her voice.

Cassie couldn’t respond.  She didn’t know what to say.  Samantha thought Cassie was here to rescue her.  Samantha must be blindfolded, too.  She must not be able to see her.   

“Sammie, are you blindfolded? Can you see me?” Samantha laughed uneasily.   

“Cassie, stop it.  Come and untie me.  Get me out of here! Before they come back!”

Samantha started to sound a little desperate and all Cassie could do was start to cry.   

“Cassie, why are you crying?  What’s going on? Come help me! Untie me!  Please? “ 

Samantha’s voice became panicked, “Untie me now Cassie!”

“I can’t,” Cassie cried to her best friend.
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