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  Unsuspecting guests at a mansion take a terrifying elevator ride and end up underground at what they believe is floor one hundred. Is it hell or a society of evil worshipers taking hostages and playing torture games? Can two young cops track the paths of the missing people or will they end up suffering the same fate and is the dark side false or is the Devil’s hand at work?
An Excerpt

The hoofed figure threw it at Jonathan. “Finish with her, then make him eat it.” he demanded with venom.            

The Centurion grabbed Ellie by the hair and stuck two hot spikes in her ears. Ellie’s battered body could take no more pain. She let out another gurgling sound, her face turned to a deathly shade of grey. Her eyes slowly closed in relief from the pain. A pleasant darkness came over her as she passed out.  A group of the hooded figures lifted Ellie and threw her over a horse. Her legs and arms dangled like some lifeless ragdoll on either side. Blood continued flowing freely from her mouth. Then, there was silence as a group of hooded figures walked away down a track, leading their horses. The Centurion sliced Ellie’s tongue into slices and stuffed the pieces one by one into Jonathan’s mouth forcing him to swallow. Jonathan threw-up some of the pieces of flesh and screamed continuously into the still night. Through his vomit and the hot soft flesh of the woman he loved, he tried to regain his senses as he ventured to speak. 

“Where’s Ellie? What have you done to Ellie?”  The hoofed figure moved to the other side of the chariot and pointed a finger to a small storage shed detached from the main lodge. As he pointed, a burst of flame seemed to leave his finger and set the building on fire. The hoofed figure scorned at the young man in pain.

“She was in there and now she’s gone to hell.”

Jonathan shouted to the heavens.  “No, please God no.”

“There’s no God here. No God! Therefore, I command you to stay in these woods and protect me and my flock. If you leave these woods, every member of your family will follow your Ellie.”  

Jonathan buried his face in the ground and started to weep. The hoofed figure got back onto the chariot as the Centurion turned the horses around in the clearing and slowly disappeared into the forest. The remainder of the cloaked figures mounted up and slowly followed the chariot, contented that their night’s ritual had been concluded to everyone’s satisfaction.

There was never any form of investigation, not a word appeared in any type of media and nobody ever heard from Jonathan and Ellie again.


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