A legitimate business form is used to determine eligibility, collaboration with other ventures, participation in tenders for private and government, and so on. Choosing a proper legal entity is one of the most important things for entrepreneurs or for an employer who has the determination. Notary or lawyers will help you to establish a legal entity that is best for our business. For loans tips, you can see through

Besides helping to establish the most appropriate legal entity for our new venture, a legal consultant can also help us in the legal challenges faced in business. In an effort there are many challenges, ranging from hiring employees, payment of taxes, registration of the brand until the negotiation of business transactions.

Lawyers can provide advice / legal view for you related to such matters. Legal consultant to identify and gain of licenses required and in compliance with the laws and regulations in force in a country. Legal consultants can also provide a legal advice on a regular basis, when laws and policies change and evolve, including to avoid violations and assist your company in a positive way and help make business decisions that benefit. Legal advice can help you to be able to manage legal risk and financial risk, protect assets and protect against legal compliance, but it also helps you to inspect and review the documents, negotiation of agreements and, if necessary, represent us in court.

As an entrepreneur, here are some possible legal challenges we face:

1. Human Resources
Employ people in need of attention to labor employment law. Where the employment agreement may be oral or written, with a certain time employment relationship must be in written form. Associated with the termination of work, the employer or employers must obtain permission from the Labor Disputes Tribunal, unless the worker or the employee resigns voluntarily or future trial has been set in writing. Severance payments are also required if the termination of work, the reason for termination of work and compensation are not used by workers during the work.

2. Taxation
As an employer, you are obliged to, cut, store and report taxes on wages earned by workers. You also have to pay other tax liabilities, such as corporate income tax, value added tax, sales tax on luxury goods, property tax, local income tax and stamp duty. Your lawyer is a resource that will help you with the basic knowledge in this regard.

3. Intellectual Property Rights
Indonesia is a participant in the various conventions related to intellectual property rights. To meet its obligations under these conventions, therefore, been set laws governing patents, trademarks, designs of integrated circuits, plant varieties and copyrights. Your attorney can help you in terms of registration and protection of intellectual property rights, which in particular is an issue of interest to entrepreneurs and businesses will begin.

4. Environmental Legal Requirements
New environmental regulations on memwaijbkan assessment of the environmental impact, environmental management effort or environmental monitoring efforts, including environmental permitting, for which is a prerequisite for your efforts to obtain a basic business license from related ministries. These requirements and their implementing regulations void, requires more attention and advice of your attorney.

5. Legal Services to Support Financing Access
Having qualified legal support in checking legal documents for the presentation can make the difference in the richness of credit when you apply for a loan. Banks and borrowers tend to look at your legal counsel as a sign that you are a serious business plan and therefore feasible for banks. Your lawyer can also explain the terms and conditions for financing, to help complete the necessary forms or may help you to negotiate the terms and extent better.

Micro-businesses are also involved in various legal transactions every day. Most businesses running without incident, but a small part neglected, which could provide an unnecessary risk to the health and future of your business. Your legal advisor can provide assistance whose role is very important that you need to avoid things that are not desirable and help your business to grow and flourish in uncertainty