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SolicitorAt Eames Solicitors we deal with all public interest and regulatory legislation issues including Privacy Law and Data Protection and Public Inquiries and Investigations. Prospective solicitors are then required to take a one-year course supplied by a number of Scottish universities and qualify for the Diploma in Professional Legal Practice , and then undertake a two-12 months traineeship with a legislation firm before they will qualify as a solicitor.

Eames Solicitors have offered a spread of business litigation providers to quite a lot of happy shoppers. In Ireland it is quite potential to become a solicitor without holding a legislation diploma; a few practising solicitors haven’t any degree of any type. The Law Society sets down guidelines and laws about how solicitors could conduct their enterprise. Studies show that, in the past, the solicitor general won roughly 70 p.c of its cases within the Supreme Court. You can apply to the courtroom for it to evaluate the quantity payable to your solicitor.

This implies that if you are eligible for legal help, a barrister should advise you to see a solicitor. The Office of Parliamentary Counsel to the Government (additionally positioned at Upper Merrion Street) who draft laws. Solicitors have to be British Commonwealth citizens, though there isn’t any such requirement for the barrister.

If you continue to think your solicitor may be pretend, you will discover extra assist and data including the newest warnings and alerts about bogus solicitors on the Solicitors Regulation Authority’s web site at The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) regulates solicitors in England and Wales and might prosecute bogus solicitors.

In the Republic of Ireland, public sector employers embody the Office of the Attorney General, which is made up of various offices: the Advisory Counsel, liable for legal advice and consultation to all government departments and offices; the Office of Parliamentary Counsel to the Government, answerable for drafting laws and statute legislation revision; and the Chief State Solicitors Office, the place solicitors work who signify the Attorney and the State.